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corporate social responsibility

Look-O-Look International is committed to sustainable business and is happy to take this a step further. Doing business with respect for people and the environment is part of the culture of Look-O-Look (and Perfetti Van Melle). For us, corporate social responsibility is not a project; it is woven into our organisation. From purchasing to sales, we pay attention to people, the planet and profit. We do business in an honest and ethical manner in the interests of employees, the environment and society. This means that we enable consumers to enjoy our products responsibly and, at the same time, we focus on sustainable development for people and the environment. We believe that embedding CSR in our operational management has a positive impact on society.


We look after our employees.

Look-O-Look strives to be a good employer for its staff. First and foremost, a safe and healthy workplace is a fundamental requirement. We encourage safe conduct in the workplace, create a safe working environment and apply safety procedures to analyse risks and dangers in the workplace on a regular basis. Through an active illness-related absenteeism policy and a proper health & safety management system, we try to prevent illness wherever we can or to ensure people return to work as soon as possible. At our premises in Andelst there is a gym, for example, which can be used free of charge, and we provide free fruit during breaks. Once every two years, we conduct a staff satisfaction survey and offer a Periodic Medical Examination.

Much can be achieved with the energy and involvement of employees. That is why we encourage our staff to show initiative, and we offer them opportunities to use and develop their talents and knowledge by supporting educational courses and training programmes. After all, if employees use and enhance their skills to the maximum, both they and the company will also achieve successful and sustainable development.


We look after the environment.

In our activities we pay attention to the environment. We are aware of the energy that we consume and try to limit this as much as possible. Sustainability was a feature of the construction of the Look-O-Look International premises in Andelst in various ways. As you can see below, we make use of sustainable sources. The property was built using recycled concrete, is cooled and heated with geothermal heat and solar collectors, and is equipped throughout with energy-efficient lighting and motion detectors. The toilets are flushed with rainwater, all the glazing uses high-efficiency glass with a ++ certificate, and a sedum roof provides additional insulation. And, of course, we also separate our waste.


We look after society.

Look-O-Look is at the heart of the community and strives to do business in a positive manner in the interests of this community.

We are closely involved with our neighbourhood. We work with various sheltered workshops. The Nijmegen sheltered employment organisation Werkbedrijf Nijmegen has placed around 200 people with Look-O-Look. We offer people with an occupational disability a safe and interesting place to work that matches their capabilities.

We regularly donate products to the food bank, and we support YEP!Africa, a foundation dedicated to combating unemployment among young people in Africa.

Perfetti Van Melle Benelux endorses the commitments made in the Code of Advertising for Food and the recommendations of the FNLI  and does not, in principle, advertise to children below 12 years of age. With Look-O-Look, we engage conservatively with children between 7 and 12 years old and their parents.


 The Perfetti Van Melle Group can provide further information about our activities and results in relation to corporate social responsibility.




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