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We are happy to introduce the Sour Candy Pizza! The Sour Candy Pizza is the latest version of our original and popular Candy Pizza and is also lushly colored with various fruit gums. It has a diameter of approximately 24 cm and is presented in a nice pizza cardboard box - with sight window and blue band. This product is made especially for the fans of sour flavoured candies: almost all fruit gums are sprinkled with fine fizzy-sugar, which provides the desired tingling on the tongue and tight-set eyes. The Sour Candy Pizza is not alone, but comes along with her little "sister", the Mini Sour Pizza (about 12 cm in diameter) on the market.

NEW: Candy Cakes

Are you looking for an innovative present or a gift with a surprise effect - maybe even a perfect alternative of the classic box of chocolates? Here is your solution! The newest member of our site is Candy Cake! The Candy Cake is made of colourful, sweet candies such as fruit jellies, marshmallows and soft sugared foam candies. The Candy Cake has a diameter of 17 cm, is about 8 cm high and is packaged in a colourful gift box - which is available in three sweet pastels - and has a large window. So if you are looking for a striking gift with a fun and surprising effect: Here it is!

And because “ Small is beautiful” we also have a Mini Candy Cake: a miniature version of our Candy Cake. Like the colourful and slightly larger original, the Mini Candy Cake is a sweet work of art in the form of a cake, but entirely made of sweets! The Mini Candy Cake consists of different fruit gums, marshmallow candies and other delicious sweets. The Mini Candy Cake has a diameter of 9.5 cm and is securely packed in a representative gift box – available in three sweet pastels - with a large window. The Mini Candy Cake has a convenient size and is great as an innovative present or a small gift with an element of surprise. A sweet alternative of the classic box of chocolates.


Look-O-Look presents the newest member of our Take-Away range: The original 100% tasty Candy burger. This delicious burger looks surprisingly real! It is handmade and consists out of 22 pcs of tasty jellie candies. This candy burger includes a ‘meat burger, cheese, lettuce, ketchup, cucumber slices’ all made of candy. Also the burger bread with sesame seeds –made of candy – looks like the real thing! All of this is presented in a typical hamburger box. Have fun and enjoy your snack or surprise somebody else with this unique candy gift! 

Sushi has never been this sweet…!

New from August: Sashimi, Nigiri or Maki: Sushi is always a delicacy – also for the eye. This Japanese specialty is the newest addition to the Look-O-Look „Candy Take Away“-Family. The delicate pieces of art look surprisingly real, the sushi is handmade and a mix of marshmallows, foam gum, filled candy sticks, jelly gum, licorice and sweet candy laces -  a non resistible combination and a great present! Also included are a little pot of „Soja-Sauce“ and „Wasabi“, and in addition there are two chopsticks, all of this is presented in a sushi tray with a transparent cover.

(Itadakimasu) or in English: Enjoy Your Meal!

Welcome to Look-O-Look!

Welcome to Look-O-Look! Look-O-Look creates a candy world full of surprises specifically for children. Look-O-Look offers the most incredible kinds of sweets in the familiar transparent hanging bags, so you can see exactly what is inside. The bags are particularly eye-catching thanks to the distinctive yellow packaging accompanied by the familiar logo with the Look-O-Look eyes. The presentation of all these cheerful candy bags together in any store creates a striking yellow shop-in-shop concept: the Look-O-Look sweet shop where the consumer is offered a wide range of extremely tasty sweets. Our candy products, which have a high fun factor for kids, such as dummies and candy whistles, are unique in the children’s sweets segment. A shop-in-shop concept with the most delicious selection of sweets, where enjoyment comes first – this is the trademark of Look-O-Look International!

Having fun and enjoying sweets is what we are all about at Look-O-Look.

Look-O-Look makes the most delicious sweets in all shapes and sizes: from dextrose candies to sour stripes and from hanging bags to gift packs. View our extensive range and discover your favourites.